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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v5] Merge IS_PRIV checks into XSM hooks

Changes from v4:
 * Removed patches that have been applied
 * Rename __do_xsm_op to do_xsm_op
 * Rebased on current xen-unstable
 * Policy headers moved under hypervisor

Changes from v3:
 * Moved x86-specific sysctls inside #ifdef CONFIG_X86
 * Removed pt_domain parameter from mmu_update hook when unused
 * Renamed xsm___do_xsm_op to xsm_do_xsm_op
 * Added struct domain* argument to arch_do_domctl
 * Cleaned up mem_event code duplication

Changes from v2:
 * Added overall hooks for domctl, sysctl, and platform_hypercall so
   that new sub-operations are protected by IS_PRIV checks
 * Reorganized the IS_PRIV additions to dummy.h so they are added in the
   same patch that removes the IS_PRIV they are replacing
 * Reworked hooks in the MM hotpath to increase efficiency
 * Dropped some unneeded XSM hook additions due to do_domctl hook
 * Dropped the rcu_lock*target_domain_by_id function removal patch
 * Restore IS_PRIV check in PHYSDEVOP_alloc_irq_vector
 * Use the existing hook function structure for tmem

Miscellaneous updates to FLASK:
    [PATCH 01/19] libxl: introduce XSM relabel on build
    [PATCH 02/19] flask/policy: Add domain relabel example
    [PATCH 03/19] arch/x86: add distinct XSM hooks for map/unmap
    [PATCH 04/19] xsm/flask: Add checks on the domain performing set_target

IS_PRIV Refactoring:
    [PATCH 05/19] xsm: Use the dummy XSM module if XSM is disabled
    [PATCH 06/19] xen: use XSM instead of IS_PRIV where duplicated
    [PATCH 07/19] xen: avoid calling rcu_lock_*target_domain when an XSM
    [PATCH 08/19] arch/x86: convert platform_hypercall to use XSM
    [PATCH 09/19] xen: lock target domain in do_domctl common code
    [PATCH 10/19] xen: convert do_domctl to use XSM
    [PATCH 11/19] xen: convert do_sysctl to use XSM

Additional new/updated hooks:
    [PATCH 12/19] xsm/flask: add missing hooks
    [PATCH 13/19] xsm/flask: add distinct SIDs for self/target access
    [PATCH 14/19] arch/x86: Add missing mem_sharing XSM hooks
    [PATCH 15/19] arch/x86: use XSM hooks for get_pg_owner access checks
    [PATCH 16/19] xen: Add XSM hook for XENMEM_exchange
    [PATCH 17/19] tmem: add XSM hooks

Other cleanup:
    [PATCH 18/19] xen/arch/*: add struct domain parameter to
    [PATCH 19/19] flask: move policy headers into hypervisor

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