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[Xen-devel] Changes to the xen.org site

Hi everybody,

I spent a bit of time cleaning up some lose ends on the xen.org site. If you notice any broken links, typos, etc. do let me know. I did the following
  • Archived XCI
  • Clearly marked HXEN and Satori project pages to show that these projects are also archived
  • Replaced the "Products > Projects" menu and pages with a "Products > Governance" menu and page (linking to anything related to governance). The reason is that "Products > Products" and "Products > Projects" were nearly identical and that I kept on getting questions on where to find governance related info.
  • Minor fixes on various pages
You may have to clear your browser cache such that the _javascript_ files reload. The site will still work correctly if you don't, but the "Products > Projects" menu won't rename and point to the new location until the js files have been reloaded by your browser.

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