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Re: [Xen-devel] Nested events in 64bit mini-OS


Thanks for the reply.

On 11/10/2012 07:52 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:

You can simply run it, giving it a blk dev (or also a fb dev), it will
run app_main(), which keeps reading stuff, and draws squares on the fb.

Ideally you should manage to trigger fixups, by stuffing a wait loop in
the critical section.
I'll try this in the following week. Thank you for pointing it out.

A follow-up question is that given this fix, do you still need
hypercall iret?
Actually it's worse than that, see below.

+       movq %rbx,5*8(%rsp)
+       # check against re-entrance
+       movq RIP(%rsp),%rbx
+       cmpq $scrit,%rbx
+       jb 10f
+       cmpq $ecrit,%rbx
+       jb  critical_region_fixup
+10:    movq RBX(%rsp),%rbx                     # restore rbx
Do we really need to restore %rbx?  I don't think do_hypervisor_callback
uses it.
No I don't think so. I was just being pre-cautious. :-)

+    .byte 0x78,0x78,0x78,0x78,0x78            # jmp    hypercall_page + 
(__HYPERVISOR_iret * 32)
Here we would also need a fixup table for the code at hypercall_page!
Nice catch!

A nicer fix would be to inline the hypercall code here.  That said, I
have to say I don't know any detail about the NMI flag, I don't see it
defined in the Intel manual, and I don't see it being set in the Xen
hypervisor.  Unless somebody knows more about it, I would assume that it
currently never happens, and simply stuff a

ud2 /* TODO: fix re-entrance fixup for hypercall in NMI case (when does that 
happen actually?) */

before the jmp, to catch it if it ever does happen.
I don't know that either. I tried to rise guest domain an NMI with "xl trigger", but it seems that only works for HVM hosts.

Also, it would be good to check against critical section size change, in
case somebody e.g. changes a value, or a macro like XEN_PUT_VCPU_INFO.
For instance, stuff right after the table:

        .if (ecrit-scrit) != (critical_fixup_table_end - critical_fixup_table)
        .error "The critical has changed, the fixup table needs updating"
Totally agree. And it somewhat saves the obligation of checking if the table size matches the one of critical section by looking at disassemble output. :-)

More generally, some cleanup could go along the patch, but I'd say
keep it as you have done, focused on only the fixup code, to have it
as such in the repository history, and then we could clean some things


I really appreciate your feedback. Thanks again, Samuel!


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