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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/3] x86/HPET: cache MSI message last written

>>> On 19.10.12 at 11:32, Keir Fraser <keir@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 19/10/2012 08:57, "Jan Beulich" <JBeulich@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> That wouldn't be correct: The function _is_ unused (and there's
>>>> no issue if it was used afaik), and the __used__ attribute ought
>>>> to tell the compiler to keep the function around despite not
>>>> having (visible to it) callers.
>>> Perhaps our __attribute_used__ definition should change, then?
>> I don't think so - this has its own value as is. We may want to add
>> a Linux-like __maybe_unused, though.
> Could you do that, and add comments to the definitions of __attribute_used__
> and __maybe_unused, describing exactly what they are to be used for?

Sure, will do.


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