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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/21] Sweep through arm-for-4.3 branch + a bit extra

On Fri, 2012-10-05 at 11:36 +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:

> 02   B        libxc: add ARM support to xc_dom (PV domain building)
> 03  AB        arm: implement VGCF_online
> 04  AB        xen/arm: implement page reference and gnttab functions needed 
> by grant_table.c
> 05  AB        xen/arm: implement get/put_page_type
> 06  AB        xen/arm: create_p2m_entries should not call free_domheap_page
> 08   B        arm: kill a guest which uses hvc with an immediate operand != 
> 09  AB        libxc/arm: allocate xenstore and console pages
> 10  AB        arm: disable distributor delivery on boot CPU only
> 11  AB        xen/arm: protect LR registers and lr_mask changes with 
> spin_lock_irq
> 12  AB        xen/arm: introduce __lshrdi3 and __aeabi_llsr
> 13  AB        arm: don't bother setting up vtimer, vgic etc on idle CPUs
> 14  AB        arm/vtimer: convert result to ticks when reading CNTPCT register
> 15  AB        arm: Use per-CPU irq_desc for PPIs and SGIs

Stefano acked #2 so I've applied this subset of the series.

I skipped #1 (add_to_physmap_range) which is not yet acked and #7
because it depends on #1 and #16 onwards.


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