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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/21] Sweep through arm-for-4.3 branch + a bit extra

The following consists of the ARM patches which were queued during the
4.2 freeze in 
git://xenbits.xen.org/people/ianc/xen-unstable.git arm-for-4.3
plus v4 of Stefano's "ARM hypercall ABI: 64 bit ready" rebased on
current xen-unstable. Plus a couple of extras.

Stefano's 64 bit interfaces patches needed a little bit of rebasing, due
to the dropping of x86_32, the changes s/int/long/ in hypercall returns
etc. Nothing major. I've tried to note in the changelog what I had to
do. Stefano, it might be worth double checking you are happy with my

The patch "HACK: arm: initial XENMAPSPACE_gmfn_foreign" from my branch
and the patch "xen: improve changes to xen_add_to_physmap" from
Stefano's series are dropped in favour of the new, non-hack
implementation of foreign privileged mappings in "xen: arm: implement
XENMEM_add_to_physmap_range". I've rebased this in at the beginning of
the series (where HACK... was), which meant tweaking Stefano's old
"xen/arm: grant table" just a tad. Note that I've dropped support for
foreign mappings via XENMEM_add_to_physmap and therefore the union which
Stefano added is gone.

There is a bisectibility issue from "xen: introduce
XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_PARAM" onwards so those patches should be considered
RFC for now. (see <1349428386.20946.15.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
posted this morning). There is also an issue with compat param handle
handling exposed by tmem which I haven't looked at properly yet.

This stuff works with the kernel tree described in
<1349363496.866.49.camel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> "arm: implement
ballooning and privcmd foreign mappings based on x86 PVH"

Keir, Jan, I've only CC'd you on those of the following which touch
common or x86 code (basically "xen: xen_ulong_t substitution" onwards).

N == New, or recently posted to the list
B == Was in arm-for-4.3 branch
R == RFC only

01 N    xen: arm: implement XENMEM_add_to_physmap_range
02   B  libxc: add ARM support to xc_dom (PV domain building)
03  AB  arm: implement VGCF_online
04  AB  xen/arm: implement page reference and gnttab functions needed by 
05  AB  xen/arm: implement get/put_page_type
06  AB  xen/arm: create_p2m_entries should not call free_domheap_page
07  AB  xen/arm: grant table
08   B  arm: kill a guest which uses hvc with an immediate operand != 
09  AB  libxc/arm: allocate xenstore and console pages
10  AB  arm: disable distributor delivery on boot CPU only
11  AB  xen/arm: protect LR registers and lr_mask changes with spin_lock_irq
12  AB  xen/arm: introduce __lshrdi3 and __aeabi_llsr
13  AB  arm: don't bother setting up vtimer, vgic etc on idle CPUs
14  AB  arm/vtimer: convert result to ticks when reading CNTPCT register
15  AB  arm: Use per-CPU irq_desc for PPIs and SGIs
16 N    arm: tools: add arm to foreign structs checking
17      xen: xen_ulong_t substitution
18      xen: change the limit of nr_extents to UINT_MAX >> MEMOP_EXTENT_SHIFT
19    R xen: introduce XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_PARAM
20    R xen: replace XEN_GUEST_HANDLE with XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_PARAM when 
21    R xen: more substitutions


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