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Re: [Xen-devel] vif backend configuration times out

On Thu, Aug 09, Ian Campbell wrote:

> > I have no idea, have to browse code debug it.
> > A quick test with plain sles11sp2+xend and xm start -p shows that
> > /local/domain/0/backend/vif/1/0/state finally gets into state 2.
> When you say "finally" do you mean that it takes an unusually long time?

'finally' is wrongly worded. It gets into state 2, I notice no delay.

> Is this kernel tree available somewhere convenient (i.e. which doesn't
> involves unpacking .src.rpms and applying patches etc).

Its available via git, see http://kernel.opensuse.org/git
The webui is here:

> I checked netback_probe in the linux-2.6.18-xen.hg tree (which I believe
> relates at least somewhat to the SLES kernel) and it switches to
> XenbusStateInitWait just before calling the function which triggers the
> hotplug script -- so libxl's behaviour of waiting for
> XenbusStateInitWait before running the hotplug scripts would seem to be
> correct. I couldn't find anything before this point which would cause
> the driver to block. So if your observation is that your kernel is
> blocking in state 1 or taking an inordinate amount of time to get to
> state 2 then that is what you need to dig into.

Indeed, netback_probe is appearently never called in my case. I will
check why that happens.

> Have you reinstalled your udev rules etc? They changed recently and I
> suspect they need to be up to date to work with the latest scripts.
> Although you don't appear to be getting to that point so I don't think
> it would matter (yet).

Its all coming from xen*.rpm packages, no manual install. The rules are
from xen-unstable.

> You didn't answer my question about error nodes in xenstore.

I dont see any error nodes in xenstore.

> You could, experimentally, try increasing LIBXL_INIT_TIMEOUT to some
> enormous time.

Thanks for the hint.  I will see what I find.


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