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Re: [Xen-devel] Test result of xen-unstable changeset 25249


On Thu, Apr 26, Ian Campbell wrote:

> This is no doubt an issue with 25244:e428eae1838c (CCing author). I
> suspect the problem is that you are not setting any scheduler options
> but it is unconditionally setting them. I think what it really should be
> doing, is reading the current settings, updating those which the user
> has specified and writing them back. I'm not sure how best to achieve
> that in the libxl api though (CCing some scheduler folks)

yes, this is an issue with my patch :(
All default values has to be 0, but only for the credit(2) scheduler
cpu_weight must not.
So I made a patch, which set a default of 256 when the cpu_weight isn't set
and credit(2) is used and let it 0 when the scheduler sedf is used.

Please try the attached patch and see if it solve this issue.

Best regards

  Dieter Bloms

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