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Re: [Xen-devel] no console when using xl toolstack xen 4.1.2

> Are you sure? The stack trace indicates that this is "Xen-4.2-unstable"
> not 4.1.x. (note to self, we really ought to print the hg cset in the
> panic log if it is available…)

Not that sure.   I was working on this last October, and it looks like 4.1.2 
was released right around the time I wrapped up the last set of packages.   I 
was working with 4.1.1, and then I switched to unstable when I ran into trouble 
getting HVM going.

>> so I thought I would make fresh go of Xen, and if I still had the
>> problem I'd feel better about filing bug reports.
>> So for the purposes of production blah, I thought I'd use the stable
>> releases, but if tracking unstable is preferable, I can do that.
> For your production uses I think the best advice right now would be to
> use 4.1 with xend (unless Stefano can diagnose your xl console issue in
> the other subthread). However it would also be useful to evaluate your
> use case using xen-unstable and xl so that we can be reasonably sure
> that when 4.2 is released you will be able to deploy that without issue.

Suits me.   I may take this opportunity to work on the Xen wiki page for Arch 
Linux to document start-to-finish domU configuration, so having it ready to 
roll for 4.2 will be helpful.   I've also been submitting patches to make the 
Xen init scripts fit in Arch's somewhat non-standard init.  

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