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[Xen-devel] Virtual bridge in Xen

Hi Keir,

I find that you are the author of the netback driver of linux-2.6.18-xen Dom0 and I hope I can get some help from you. I want to quickly have a knowledge about how a data packet is transferred between two VMs on the same Xen hypervisor if the TCP/IP protocol is used. I am not sure whether a data packet from DomU1 to DomU2 is transferred like this:
DomU1(front-end network driver)-->Dom0(back-end network driver of DomU1)-->Dom0(Virtual bridge)-->Dom0(back-end network driver of DomU2)-->DomU2(front-end network driver)

Is the virtual bridge in Dom0 in charge of forwarding the data packet to other Domains? Does the data packet transfer between two VMs in the same way (the transfer path mentioned above) in both the vif-bridge mode and vif-nat mode?

Any reply is appreciated.
Best Regards,
Bei Guan

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