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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [PATCH v3] Fetch the OVMF repository from specific git mirror and enable it

On 03/19/12 18:50, Attilio Rao wrote:
On 19/03/12 17:40, Attilio Rao wrote:
On 19/03/12 16:36, Ian Jackson wrote:
Attilio Rao writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] [PATCH v3] Fetch the
OVMF repository from specific git mirror and enable it"):
I think I see the issue here. Are you running with i486 as an arch?
This is a deficiency of the OVMF support, because it has some wrappers
to build appropriately the firmware which are OS and architectures
specific and it does support Linux-i686 and Linux-x86_64 but not
I'm not sure about what we should do here, possible options include:
- Verify that, on all i486,i586,etc. we can eventually use i686 and
unify the script to do that
Surely it's just wanting to know roughly what architecture to build
for. The difference between i686 and i486 isn't relevant here.
(I hope. If it is then we have other problems because this is tested
at build-time and might be run on a different kernel to the one it's
built on.)

So I think this is the right thing to do.

Here is my take on OVMF for what is needed:

This should at least fix tianocore to build on all i*86 Linux flavours.
Unfortunately I don't have a NetBSD machine to test it out, so if
Christoph and/or Roger can apply this patch to ovmf and try the
original patch on this thread (and verify NetBSD can build ok) I'll
propose this patch upstream for TIANOCORE, otherwise I will just send
out a patch with OVMF disabled until NetBSD is not tested.

To be more precise, you don't even need the patch at the beginning of
the thread, all you need to do to test you can build OVMF on NetBSD is:
- git clone git://xenbits.xen.org/ovmf.git
- apply the patch above
- cd ovmf/OvmfPkg/
- $ ./build.sh
- $ ./build.sh -a X64

The build fails that build.sh is a bash-script and not a /bin/sh script.


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