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Re: [Xen-devel] xHCI not waking up from D3 after S3 Resume on Ivybridge

On Mar 19, 2012, at 9:45 AM, Oliver Neukum wrote:

> Am Montag, 19. März 2012, 14:32:01 schrieb Tom Goetz:
>>> The e1000e is also MSI?
>> Yes. The e1000e getting the xHCI's wake ups is only on one machine. I assume 
>> thats a BIOS bug. The broad based issue is that on two manufacturers 
>> Ivybridge plus an Intel SDP Ivybridge, xHCI will not wake up from D3 when a 
>> USB device is plugged in.
>>> In
>>> other words the issues you are having is that the MSI after resume are
>>> not delivered - but some are ?
>> Only D3 wake ups (ACPI and PME) are not being delivered. If I change the 
>> runtime power policy for the device from "auto" to "on" xHCI works fine.
> This indicates that xhci is not turned into a sources for wakeups
> because the device is already asleep and suspend() won't be
> called twice.

Why would that be the case? The device was successfully set up after the 
machine returned from S3. It subsequently went into D3. If you wake it up by 
setting the power policy to "on", it works. Set it back to "auto" and it goes 
back to sleep and still won't wake.

> Does it work if you suspend with a device for which autosuspend isn't on?

Do you mean if I S3 suspend with power policy "on"? The power policy when it 
goes into S3 doesn't matter. It setting the policy to "auto" after resuming 
from S3 that is the issue. I'm testing this on a Intel SDP with the following 

1. S3 suspend
2. S3 resume
3. Set xHCI policy to "auto"
4. plug USB stick into xHCI
5. xHCI doesn't wake up.

That's my current way of reproducing it, but the bug originated because laptops 
lost xHCI if they resumed on battery.
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