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Re: [Xen-devel] Linux 3.4 patches..

>>> On 14.03.12 at 20:35, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk <konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hey,
> So these are the patches I am aware of that are going in 3.4:
> If there are some I've missed please respond to this email with your
> patch.

One thing I'm missing is the (partial?) revert of
6f5986bce558e64fe867bff600a2127a3cb0c006 ("xen-blkback: Don't
disconnect backend until state switched to XenbusStateClosed."). Joe
didn't come back with an answer to your inquiry so far, yet the fact
that it wasn't the right thing to do was - as I read it - worked out in
the thread "blkfront: don't change to closing if we're busy".


> Akinobu Mita (1):
>       xen-blkfront: use bitmap_set() and bitmap_clear()
> Alex Shi (1):
>       xen: use this_cpu_xxx replace percpu_xxx funcs
> Andrew Jones (1):
>       xen/blkfront: don't put bdev right after getting it
> Bastian Blank (4):
>       xen: Add xenbus device driver
>       xen: Add xenbus_backend device
>       xen/privcmd: Remove unused support for arch specific privcmp mmap
>       xen/xenbus-frontend: Make error message more clear
> Daniel De Graaf (2):
>       xen/blkback: use grant-table.c hypercall wrappers
>       xen/blkback: Enable blkback on HVM guests
> Ian Campbell (1):
>       xen: only limit memory map to maximum reservation for domain 0.
> Jan Beulich (3):
>       xenbus: address compiler warnings
>       xenbus: don't free other end details too early
>       xen: constify all instances of "struct attribute_group"
> Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (13):
>       xen: Add privcmd device driver
>       xen/xenbus-frontend: Fix compile error with randconfig
>       xen/xenbus: Fix compile error - missing header for xen_initial_domain()
>       xen/mmu: Fix compile errors introduced by x86/memblock mismerge.
>       pci: Introduce __pci_reset_function_locked to be used when holding 
> device_lock.
>       xen/pciback: Support pci_reset_function, aka FLR or D3 support.
>       xen/cpu: Make VCPU hotplug code online CPUs properly.
>       xen/setup/pm/acpi: Remove the call to boot_option_idle_override.
>       xen/enlighten: Expose MWAIT and MWAIT_LEAF if hypervisor OKs it.
>       xen/acpi-processor: C and P-state driver that uploads said data to 
> hypervisor.
>       xen/cpufreq: Disable the cpu frequency scaling drivers from loading.
>       xen/acpi-processor: Do not depend on CPU frequency scaling drivers.
>       [CPUFREQ]: provide disable_cpufreq() function to disable the API.
> Stefano Stabellini (4):
>       hvc_xen: support PV on HVM consoles
>       hvc_xen: implement multiconsole support
>       hvc_xen: introduce HVC_XEN_FRONTEND
>       xen/xenbus: ignore console/0
> Steven Noonan (1):
>       xen-blkfront: make blkif_io_lock spinlock per-device
> Tang Liang (1):
>       xen: Utilize the restore_msi_irqs hook.
> And these two are going through review:
>       xen/blkback: Squash the discard support for 'file' and 'phy' type.
>       xen/blkback: Make optional features be really optional.
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