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Re: [Xen-devel] persistent or "steady-state" style disks

Thanks for that information.

It isn't obvious in the XCP code how this feature is being done and
I'm not wanting to use XCP at this point as it's behind without the
latest hypervisor included.

I actually created a patch where you can can set the temporary flag on
the VHD features footer through vhd-util.
Traditionally in the MS world is used to omdocated that the VHD can be
removed on close.
I'm using it for reset-on-boot where if the flag is set during
_vhd_open it tests the flag and if set will regenerate the snapshot
from the parent VHD.

If anyone is interested in this patch right now I can send it through
as is.  However, I'll submit it properly once I've done a bit
more testing.

Comments are welcome.


On 17 February 2012 13:21, Dave Scott <Dave.Scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> Matthew Hook wrote:
> > I have a requirement (and a limited timeframe) to make a Windows 7 VM 
> > domain roll back to a fixed state on restart, shutdown etc.
> > Something like a Kiosk Mode.  I think this is a very needed part of the 
> > core of xen and this functionality does
> > not appear to be part of xen already.  So I've been trying various ways to 
> > make this work.
> XCP has a feature which might do what you need.
> If you are using .vhd file based storage (SR types 'ext' or 'nfs') then you 
> can do the following: (for a VM called "myvm")
> # 1. Ensure the .vhd chain has length 2 (a current restriction)
> xe vm-copy vm=myvm new-name-label=nonpersistent.parent
> xe vm-clone vm=nonpersistent.parent new-name-label=nonpersistent
> # 2. Set the VDI on-boot=reset
> xe vm-disk-list vm=nonpersistent
>  ... note the VDI uuid of the disk you want to reset ...
> xe vdi-param-set uuid=... on-boot=reset
> # 3. Start the VM
> xe vm-start vm=nonpersistent
> HTH,
> Dave

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