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Re: [Xen-devel] persistent or "steady-state" style disks


Matthew Hook wrote:
> I have a requirement (and a limited timeframe) to make a Windows 7 VM domain 
> roll back to a fixed state on restart, shutdown etc.
> Something like a Kiosk Mode.  I think this is a very needed part of the core 
> of xen and this functionality does 
> not appear to be part of xen already.  So I've been trying various ways to 
> make this work.

XCP has a feature which might do what you need.

If you are using .vhd file based storage (SR types 'ext' or 'nfs') then you can 
do the following: (for a VM called "myvm")

# 1. Ensure the .vhd chain has length 2 (a current restriction)
xe vm-copy vm=myvm new-name-label=nonpersistent.parent
xe vm-clone vm=nonpersistent.parent new-name-label=nonpersistent

# 2. Set the VDI on-boot=reset
xe vm-disk-list vm=nonpersistent
 ... note the VDI uuid of the disk you want to reset ...
xe vdi-param-set uuid=... on-boot=reset

# 3. Start the VM
xe vm-start vm=nonpersistent


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