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Re: [Xen-devel] Build problems with latest xen-unstable.hg

> > 2) Building blktap2 complains about a missing "uuid/uuid.h".  I
> >    did install the uuid and uuid-devel packages and there IS
> >    a /usr/include/uuid.h but no /usr/include/uuid/uuid.h.  I found
> >    I also needed to install libuuid-devel (which didn't get
> >    checked in advance apparently, just uuid-devel and uuid I think).
> tools/check/check_uuid_devel looks for both "uuid.h" and "uuid/uuid.h",
> in that order but at least some headers (e.g. libxl_uuid.h, blktap's
> ones etc) use:
>       #if __linux__
>       #include <uuid/uuid.h>
>       #elif __BSD__
>       #include <uuid.h>
> It seems that on EL you can end up with uuid.h but not uuid/uuid.h which
> confuses the check into succeeding where it shouldn't.
> Please can you confirm that on EL6 uuid-devel
> includes /usr/include/uuid.h and libuuid-devel
> includes /usr/include/uuid/uuid.h


> > 3) Missing texinfo package stops the build before it successfully
> >    completes.  Can this be check'ed in advance?
> Please can you post this log so we can find where the texinfo
> requirement comes from?
> Normally for these things we would patch them to only build the docs if
> the required tool is present.

I can't get a log on that machine anymore but will try to
remember to post one next time I install on a fresh machine.
IIRC from the distant past, the failure is harmless as
the docs build is the last thing that happens.  But maybe
the check script could indicate its absence along with an
advisory message about how to easily turn off the docs build?
(Just an idea so that newbies -- and oldies-but-newbies like
myself -- don't get alarmed at a failed make.)

Last, I forgot one more build problem that is almost certainly
recent.  libxl_json.c failed to build, lacking a definition
for yajl_gen_no_buf.  I commented out that case in the switch
statement in libxl_json.c and the build succeeded.


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