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[Xen-devel] Build problems with latest xen-unstable.hg

I'm building xen-devel from scratch for the first time in a long
time on a clean EL6u1 machine and running into a couple of problems.

1) The build of tools/firmware/etherboot does a wget of a weird
   pxe tar file that looks like it has a git hash in the filename.
   I hacked around that (to wget the 1.0.0 version of the file).
2) Building blktap2 complains about a missing "uuid/uuid.h".  I
   did install the uuid and uuid-devel packages and there IS
   a /usr/include/uuid.h but no /usr/include/uuid/uuid.h.  I found
   I also needed to install libuuid-devel (which didn't get
   checked in advance apparently, just uuid-devel and uuid I think).
3) Missing texinfo package stops the build before it successfully
   completes.  Can this be check'ed in advance?

Since I haven't built xen-devel in a long time, I don't know if
these are recent problems with tip or old problems that don't
show up on [Debian and whatever other envs other developers are
using] but do show up on EL6.  So I thought I'd report them.

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