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Re: [Xen-devel] After switching from "xm" to "xl" toolstack, can't get Guest networking to work.

Hi Ian.

On Tue, Jan 24, 2012, at 10:05 AM, erin.balid@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I can't figure out how to get xl to output to a xend-debug.log (xm does,
> as expected).

Reading http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/xen/devel/198734, and
checking "-vvv" console output

xl destroy test
xl -vvv create /etc/xen/vm/test.cfg

Parsing config file /etc/xen/vm/test.cfg
libxl: debug: libxl.c:1208:libxl_device_disk_local_attach attaching PHY
disk /dev/XenVols/test_boot to domain 0
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_allocate: cmdline="root=/dev/xvdc1
resume=/dev/xvdb1 kbdtype=us headless text quiet nofb selinux=0
apparmor-0 edd=off splash=silent noshell showopts root=/dev/xvdc1
textmode=1 xencons=xvc0 noirqdebug", features="(null)"
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_kernel_mem: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_malloc            : 11850 kB
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_do_gunzip: unzip ok, 0x425f68 -> 0xb92a70
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_ramdisk_mem: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_boot_xen_init: ver 4.1, caps
xen-3.0-x86_64 xen-3.0-x86_32p hvm-3.0-x86_32 hvm-3.0-x86_32p
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_parse_image: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_find_loader: trying ELF-generic loader ...
domainbuilder: detail: loader probe OK
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: phdr: paddr=0x2000 memsz=0x8a5000
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: phdr: paddr=0x8a7000 memsz=0x7a0e8
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: phdr: paddr=0x922000 memsz=0xaac0
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: phdr: paddr=0x92d000 memsz=0x158000
xc: detail: elf_parse_binary: memory: 0x2000 -> 0xa85000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: GUEST_OS = "linux"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: GUEST_VERSION = "2.6"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: XEN_VERSION = "xen-3.0"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: VIRT_BASE = 0xffffffff80000000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: PADDR_OFFSET = 0x0
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: ENTRY = 0xffffffff80002000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: HYPERCALL_PAGE = 0xffffffff80003000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: unknown xen elf note (0xd)
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: MOD_START_PFN = 0x1
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: INIT_P2M = 0xffffea0000000000
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: FEATURES =
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: SUPPORTED_FEATURES = 0x80f
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: LOADER = "generic"
xc: detail: elf_xen_parse_note: SUSPEND_CANCEL = 0x1
xc: detail: elf_xen_addr_calc_check: addresses:
xc: detail:     virt_base        = 0xffffffff80000000
xc: detail:     elf_paddr_offset = 0x0
xc: detail:     virt_offset      = 0xffffffff80000000
xc: detail:     virt_kstart      = 0xffffffff80002000
xc: detail:     virt_kend        = 0xffffffff80a85000
xc: detail:     virt_entry       = 0xffffffff80002000
xc: detail:     p2m_base         = 0xffffea0000000000
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_parse_elf_kernel: xen-3.0-x86_64:
0xffffffff80002000 -> 0xffffffff80a85000
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_mem_init: mem 2048 MB, pages 0x80000
pages, 4k each
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_mem_init: 0x80000 pages
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_boot_mem_init: called
domainbuilder: detail: x86_compat: guest xen-3.0-x86_64, address size 64
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_malloc            : 4096 kB
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_build_image: called
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_segment:   kernel       :
0xffffffff80002000 -> 0xffffffff80a85000  (pfn 0x2 + 0xa83 pages)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_pfn_to_ptr: domU mapping: pfn 0x2+0xa83 at
xc: detail: elf_load_binary: phdr 0 at 0x0x7fcd83941000 ->
xc: detail: elf_load_binary: phdr 1 at 0x0x7fcd841e6000 ->
xc: detail: elf_load_binary: phdr 2 at 0x0x7fcd84261000 ->
xc: detail: elf_load_binary: phdr 3 at 0x0x7fcd8426c000 ->
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_segment:   ramdisk      :
0xffffffff80a85000 -> 0xffffffff82078000  (pfn 0xa85 + 0x15f3 pages)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_malloc            : 131 kB
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_pfn_to_ptr: domU mapping: pfn 0xa85+0x15f3
at 0x7fcd8234e000
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_do_gunzip: unzip ok, 0x94895f -> 0x15f2e10
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_segment:   phys2mach    :
0xffffffff82078000 -> 0xffffffff82478000  (pfn 0x2078 + 0x400 pages)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_pfn_to_ptr: domU mapping: pfn 0x2078+0x400
at 0x7fcd81f4e000
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_page   :   start info   :
0xffffffff82478000 (pfn 0x2478)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_page   :   xenstore     :
0xffffffff82479000 (pfn 0x2479)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_page   :   console      :
0xffffffff8247a000 (pfn 0x247a)
domainbuilder: detail: nr_page_tables: 0x0000ffffffffffff/48:
0xffff000000000000 -> 0xffffffffffffffff, 1 table(s)
domainbuilder: detail: nr_page_tables: 0x0000007fffffffff/39:
0xffffff8000000000 -> 0xffffffffffffffff, 1 table(s)
domainbuilder: detail: nr_page_tables: 0x000000003fffffff/30:
0xffffffff80000000 -> 0xffffffffbfffffff, 1 table(s)
domainbuilder: detail: nr_page_tables: 0x00000000001fffff/21:
0xffffffff80000000 -> 0xffffffff827fffff, 20 table(s)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_segment:   page tables  :
0xffffffff8247b000 -> 0xffffffff82492000  (pfn 0x247b + 0x17 pages)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_pfn_to_ptr: domU mapping: pfn 0x247b+0x17
at 0x7fcd81f37000
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_alloc_page   :   boot stack   :
0xffffffff82492000 (pfn 0x2492)
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_build_image  : virt_alloc_end :
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_build_image  : virt_pgtab_end :
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_boot_image: called
domainbuilder: detail: arch_setup_bootearly: doing nothing
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type:
xen-3.0-x86_64 <= matches
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type:
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type:
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type:
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_compat_check: supported guest type:
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_update_guest_p2m: dst 64bit, pages 0x80000
domainbuilder: detail: clear_page: pfn 0x247a, mfn 0x11fe01
domainbuilder: detail: clear_page: pfn 0x2479, mfn 0x11fe02
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_pfn_to_ptr: domU mapping: pfn 0x2478+0x1
at 0x7fcd889b0000
domainbuilder: detail: start_info_x86_64: called
domainbuilder: detail: setup_hypercall_page: vaddr=0xffffffff80003000
domainbuilder: detail: domain builder memory footprint
domainbuilder: detail:    allocated
domainbuilder: detail:       malloc             : 16168 kB
domainbuilder: detail:       anon mmap          : 0 bytes
domainbuilder: detail:    mapped
domainbuilder: detail:       file mmap          : 0 bytes
domainbuilder: detail:       domU mmap          : 36 MB
domainbuilder: detail: arch_setup_bootlate: shared_info: pfn 0x0, mfn
domainbuilder: detail: shared_info_x86_64: called
domainbuilder: detail: vcpu_x86_64: called
domainbuilder: detail: vcpu_x86_64: cr3: pfn 0x247b mfn 0x11fe00
domainbuilder: detail: launch_vm: called, ctxt=0x7fffa5f0a510
domainbuilder: detail: xc_dom_release: called
Daemon running with PID 2864
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: total allocations:99 total releases:99
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: current allocations:0 maximum allocations:2
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: cache current size:2
xc: debug: hypercall buffer: cache hits:94 misses:2 toobig:3

Does that help at all?


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