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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 7 V4] amd iommu: support ATS/GPGPU passthru on IOMMUv2 systems

>>> On 20.01.12 at 16:44, Wei Wang <wei.wang2@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all, this is patch v4.

With the current apparent regression from the previous patch series,
can we ask you to first look into that problem before pushing in more

Thanks, Jan

> ATS devices with PRI and PASID capabilities can communicate with iommuv2 to 
> perform 
> two level (nested) address translation and demand paging for DMA. To 
> passthru such 
> devices, iommu driver has to beenenabled in guest OS. This patch set adds 
> initial 
> iommu emulation for hvm guests to support ATS device passthru. 
> This patch set should work together with following hw & sw systems:
> * Host system with AMD trinity APU which has enhanced iommu(iommuv2). 
> * AMD Radeon HD 7900 series graphic card.  
> * Linux 3.3 or later which has included iommuv2 kernel driver.
> * AMD catalyst or open source Radeon driver in guest that support HD7900. 
> Most of the works is done by hypervisor. a new guest config parameter
> guest_iommu = {1,0} is introduced to en/disable iommu emulation. 
> 3 hyper-calls are added to support communications among different xen 
> components.
> * iommu_set_msi: used by qemu to inform hypervisor iommu vector number in 
> guest 
> space. Hypervisor needs this vector to inject msi into guest after write PPR 
> log
> entry into guest buffer.
> * iommu_bind_bdf: used by xl to bind virtual bdf of passthru device to 
> machine bdf. 
> IOMMU emulator receives iommu cmd from guest OS and then forwards them  to 
> host 
> iommu. But virtual device id in cmds from guest should be converted into 
> physical 
> id before sending them to real hardware.
> * guest_iommu_set_base: IOMMU MMIO base address is dynamically allocated by
> firmware. This hypercall allows hvmloader to notify hypervisor where the 
> iommu
> mmio pages are.
> I had a picture to explain this better, pls refer to the link.
> http://www.amd64.org/pub/iommuv2.png 
> Thanks,
> Wei
> ======================================================================
> changes in v4:
> * Only tool part in this version, since hypervisor patches have already been 
> committed.
> * rename guest config option from "iommu = {0,1}" to "guest_iommu = {0,1}" 
> * add description into docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5
> changes in v3:
> * Use xenstore to receive guest iommu configuration instead of adding in a 
> new field in hvm_info_table.
> * Support pci segment in vbdf to mbdf bind.
> * Make hypercalls visible for non-x86 platforms.
> * A few code cleanups according to comments from Jan and Ian.
> Changes in v2:
> * Do not use linked list to access guest iommu tables.
> * Do not parse iommu parameter in libxl_device_model_info again.
> * Fix incorrect logical calculation in patch 11.
> * Fix hypercall definition for non-x86 systems.
> Thanks,
> Wei

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