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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 7 V4] amd iommu: support ATS/GPGPU passthru on IOMMUv2 systems

Sorry forgot to CC xen-devel

Hi all, this is patch v4.
ATS devices with PRI and PASID capabilities can communicate with iommuv2 to perform two level (nested) address translation and demand paging for DMA. To passthru such devices, iommu driver has to beenenabled in guest OS. This patch set adds initial
iommu emulation for hvm guests to support ATS device passthru.

This patch set should work together with following hw & sw systems:

* Host system with AMD trinity APU which has enhanced iommu(iommuv2).
* AMD Radeon HD 7900 series graphic card.
* Linux 3.3 or later which has included iommuv2 kernel driver.
* AMD catalyst or open source Radeon driver in guest that support HD7900.

Most of the works is done by hypervisor. a new guest config parameter
guest_iommu = {1,0} is introduced to en/disable iommu emulation.
3 hyper-calls are added to support communications among different xen components.

* iommu_set_msi: used by qemu to inform hypervisor iommu vector number in guest space. Hypervisor needs this vector to inject msi into guest after write PPR log entry into guest buffer.

* iommu_bind_bdf: used by xl to bind virtual bdf of passthru device to machine bdf. IOMMU emulator receives iommu cmd from guest OS and then forwards them to host iommu. But virtual device id in cmds from guest should be converted into physical id before sending them to real hardware.

* guest_iommu_set_base: IOMMU MMIO base address is dynamically allocated by firmware. This hypercall allows hvmloader to notify hypervisor where the iommu mmio pages are.

I had a picture to explain this better, pls refer to the link.




changes in v4:
* Only tools part in this version, since hypervisor patches have already been committed.
* rename guest config option from "iommu = {0,1}" to "guest_iommu = {0,1}"
* add description into docs/man/xl.cfg.pod.5

changes in v3:
* Use xenstore to receive guest iommu configuration instead of adding in a new field in hvm_info_table.
* Support pci segment in vbdf to mbdf bind.
* Make hypercalls visible for non-x86 platforms.
* A few code cleanups according to comments from Jan and Ian.

Changes in v2:
* Do not use linked list to access guest iommu tables.
* Do not parse iommu parameter in libxl_device_model_info again.
* Fix incorrect logical calculation in patch 11.
* Fix hypercall definition for non-x86 systems.

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