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Re: [Xen-devel] set_phys_to_machine not exported?

> Okay I have it compiling and loading now (that xenbus init macro obviously
> isn't for the Debian 3.1.0 kernel I'm running...) but I can't attach a scsi 
> device -
> it just hangs for a while then says hotplug didn't work.
> Any suggestions? Would it be expected to work against the Xen 4.0.4-rc1-pre
> I'm running now?

Loading and detecting properly now (see email about the choice of shell in the 
vscsi script), and appears to be restoring with the following patch:

--- ../konrad/xen/drivers/scsi/xen-scsiback/emulate.c   2012-01-04 
10:51:36.090985303 +1100
+++ emulate.c   2012-01-04 13:28:23.288336520 +1100
@@ -401,8 +401,8 @@
        NO_EMULATE(INQUIRY);               /*0x12*/
        NO_EMULATE(MODE_SELECT);           /*0x15*/ /* st */
-       /*NO_EMULATE(RESERVE);               *//*0x16*/
-       /*NO_EMULATE(RELEASE);               *//*0x17*/
+       NO_EMULATE(RESERVE);               /*0x16*/
+       NO_EMULATE(RELEASE);               /*0x17*/
        /*NO_EMULATE(COPY);                  *//*0x18*/
        NO_EMULATE(ERASE);                 /*0x19*/ /* st */
        NO_EMULATE(MODE_SENSE);            /*0x1a*/ /* st */


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