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Re: [Xen-devel] set_phys_to_machine not exported?

> >
> > Quite a while ago I grabbed scsiback out of 2.6.18 and patched it up so it
> > compiled against jeremy's 2.6.32 tree (out-of-tree build though). That
> > worked fine, and I didn't need scsifront as gplpv is the front end.
> Ah, you are using the Windows Xen SCSI driver. Cool. Excited to know it
> works that well.

Yes I do restores from tape to Windows VM's using Symantec Backup Exec IDR.

> >
> > Or maybe someone else already has scsiback working against 3.x.x?
> I do. Try the #testing branch or the #devel/xen-scsi-1.0 (but you should
> merge it against the 3.1 kernel otherwise it won't compile b/c one argument
> changed - but you could alter it yourself if you are using the 3.0 tree).

What is the changed argument? I see a couple of #defines that aren't present in 
3.1.0 (GNTST_eagain and DEFINE_XENBUS_DRIVER), but having built it I'm now 
getting a crash when I try and load the module.

Also, there are some includes in vscsiif.h that are unnecessary as they are 
included by common.h... do you think they could be removed?


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