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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen interfaces / hooks

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the response.

> Perhaps if you explain your actual end goal you can be better advised.

What we are planning to do is to insert some code which can automatically utilise some instructions from forensics investigation tools (such as a command line tools like Sleuthkit), and to do this automatically upon starting up and shutdown / suspension of a virtual machine running on the Xen hypervisor in order to aid forensic investigations. Nothing complicated being added but we need to know exactly where we would need to put these commands.

My understanding is that because this would be performed on the domain U guest operating systems this change would need to be at the hypervisor level rather than the dom 0. Could you advise on how to go about this please? What I have been looking for is anything which could help me to do this to Xen, such as a tutorial or a guide, and couldn't find anything.

All the best,


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