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[Xen-devel] [RFC] Coding style and standardisation

Hi all,

The coding style in the Xen tree is somewhat varied these days - there are a 
few deviations from the "standard" that have crept in over time.  I've been 
trying to think of ways we can help contributors understand how the code is 
supposed to look in a canonical form, rather than people trying to judge from 
code already there.

Attached is a little extra documentation - my quick stab at summing up the Xen 
coding style.  I think the main points of difference from the Linux coding 
style are summarised here, but if anybody has anything else they think should 
be included (or anything they disagree with in my summary) it would be handy 
to know.

I've also attached a modified-for-Xen version of a (the?) Linux patch style 
checker.  It might not be 100% accurate, but it should give folks a pretty 
good idea of any obvious style changes they need to make.

My hope is that this will reduce review burden (for reviewers and submitters) 
and eventually get the codebase back towards a uniform coding style.  This is 
a component of my exploration of automated code quality checking for the Xen 

Comments, anyone?


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