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Re: [Xen-API] How to compile the 32 bits xen-api

On 21/08/14 08:26, Fan Liao wrote:
I have built 32-bit xapi on centos5.8, using tag XS62ESP1 on github and binpkg ISO,
Âbut after replacing original xapi file on my Xenserver 6.2 SP1 with the new one, I can't launch a VM with an error 'The bootloader for this VM returned an error -- did the VM installation succeed? Bootable disk has no valid filesystem'
How can I build the same Xapi as on my XenServer 6.2 with SP1

This is encouraging - at least xapi started! Can you confirm that the VM boots OK with the old xapi? If so, it suggests an interface change with pygrub perhaps. Have you tried installing a new VM? You might also try an HVM VM rather than PV as these don't have external bootloaders.


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