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Re: [Xen-API] Proposal to change committers for the XAPI Project

On 15/05/14 12:18, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
> I'm particularly interested in getting a Xapi instance running as a
> stable package in OPAM. This would make it much easier to experiment
> with the codebase in a VM in particular. Dave and I are mentoring a
> GSoC student on the topic of cloud APIs, but spending most of her time
> on getting Xapi installed wouldn't be productive, hence the desire for
> this. If the OCaml xml-rpc bindings work from OPAM too, that would be
> a very nice place to start. best, Anil 

Agreed, that would be really nice. We had something like this working
before; if you add the xapi-project opam repository it might even still
work. However, I'm not convinced that it was executed in the right way.
The trouble is the set of daemons are all intended to run system-wide,
and getting them to run from within your .opam directory was awkward.

Is there a best-practices guide for doing this sort of thing? Should we
be only using opam to install the libraries, and something else for
installing the daemons & executables? Should we be symlinking rather
than changing the hardcoded paths? Should we try and put as many paths
into config files (difficult when the path is in a library used by
several components)?

Getting the XenAPI client library working is much easier - in fact, this
bit already works and is in the normal opam repository. I can post a
walkthrough of this if you like?


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