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Re: [Xen-API] project lead nomination

Thanks all.

So my first act as project lead is to attempt to demote everyone who
voted for me. For the best possible reasons, of course :-)

The current list of committers is very much at odds with the real state
of the xapi project, and I suspect it simply reflects the team dev leads
here at Citrix at the time the Xen Project joined the Linux Foundation.
So I propose we reset the list to reflect more accurately the set of
people who are actually committing. To use something concrete as a basis
for nominating people I had a quick look over the actual commits on
github in the master branches of all of the repositories under the
xapi-project since July last year and have a proposed list:

    David Scott
    John Else
    Jon Ludlam
    Si Beaumont
    Rob Hoes
    Thanos Makatos
    Zheng Li
    Euan Harris
    Konstantina Chremmou
    Thomas Sanders
    Germano Percossi
    Vineeth Thampi Raveendran

Notably, as I said at the top, this list doesn't contain any of the
current committers (excluding me). If I have missed anyone off who feels
they should be on the list please let me know. Any other comments are
also very welcome.

Lars, what's the procedure for making this sort of change?


On 06/05/14 10:52, Lars Kurth wrote:
> OK, this means that Jonathan Ludlam is confirmed
> I updated the page at http://xenproject.org/developers/teams/xapi.html
> Regards
> Lars

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