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[Xen-API] xapi sources: Fighting for right commit

Pumping up detective story: which commit from public repository is the most near to xapi-0.2.src.rpm?

Here my lame script to find it:

for a in `git log --oneline|head -n 100|awk '{print $1}'`;do git checkout $a 2>/dev/null; echo -n $a ' ';diff -rux .git /github/xcp1.6/xapi-0.2/ . |wc -l;done

And here some results:
tampa-lcm - 113 lines differ (0a9de3b)
tampa - 1k
sanibel-lcm - 53k
master - 3k
cooper - 34k
cooper2 - 27k
trunk-64bit - 1k
clearwater - 113  (c59b8b5)
boston - 54k
boston-beta - 62k
boston-lcm 54k
rrdd - 10k
catkin - 53k

So the smallest difference between legendary and unreachable e92405831b3300f6d2108d7bd0d2c329b4d1e918 is 113 changes.

I check git diff 0a9de3b c59b8b5  and found they are the same.

Now, diff analysis:

1) indentation
2) indentation
3) indentation
4) indentation
5) Indentation
(so, actually, nothing changes, ocaml is not python, spaces does not counted as source code)

1) comments out function (src.rpm contains, git code  - not)
-(* Hack to allow XCP Boston hosts to migrate to XCP Tampa hosts during
-   an upgrade. If we are in rolling pool upgrade mode, we will add the
-   key product-version=$PLATFORM_VERSION to the software-version
-   map. We'll need to start a thread to watch for the pool to leave
-   upgrade mode, and then remove the key. We should only do this (as
-   in, add the key and then remove it) if it is not already set by the
-   inventory file. *)
-let boston_tampa_upgrade_hack ~__context =

2) call of that function:
 (* See above for comment *)
-       boston_tampa_upgrade_hack ~__context ;

Verdict: commit 0a9de3b should be assumed as commit from public available repo witch most close to the content of the source ISO for the XCP 1.6.
I'll publish notes on all new commits from that to the head of tampa-lcm.

PS I really hate that style 'opensource reverse-engineering'.

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