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Re: [Xen-API] [XCP-1.1] High OVS cpu load and unresponsive host network while VMPR archive phase is running

Christian Fischer <christian.fischer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Tuesday 31 July 2012 18:08:18 Ben Pfaff wrote:
>> Christian Fischer
>> writes:
>> > We have no tagged vlans here, all physical switch ports running access
>> > mode. I wouldn't say that network load is increased when this happens,
>> > 15 kpps. Network performance could be poor due either a vswitch issue
>> > (runs at 180% CPU load if the vswitch log don't lie) or high load
>> > on/cheep hardware of the customer shared backup storage. I've never seen
>> > this stuff.
>> 180% CPU load is impossible for OVS 1.0.1, which has only a
>> single procsss with a single thread.
> Yes, that's right, but we run OVS 1.4.2
> XCP build: 1.1.0-50674c
> OVS build: 1.4.2
> NICs: BCM5709 Gigabit TOE iSCSI Offload
> OVS NIC bonding: active/active

Only the as-yet-unreleased post-1.8.0 Open vSwitch has more than
one process, and it still doesn't have multiple threads.

I suppose ovsdb-server and ovs-vswitchd could both go crazy at
the same time, but I haven't had any reports of that.

What process(es) add up to 180%?

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