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[Xen-API] Shutdown race condition with heartbeat/pacemaker

  • To: xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: Andrew Eross <eross@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 11:03:29 -0300
  • Delivery-date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 14:04:03 +0000
  • List-id: User and development list for XCP and XAPI <xen-api.lists.xen.org>

Hey guys,

I run into a problem with my pacemaker managed VM power-off competing with the built-in domU shutdown script (/opt/xensource/libexec/shutdown).

It's not a problem for power-on, as that's controlled by an other_config flag: auto_poweron

I'd like to suggest adding a similar auto_poweroff flag to allow controlling shutdown when desired.

e.g. to set this on a VM:
xe vm-param-set other-config:auto_poweroff=false uuid=$UUID

I did this myself and modified the shutdown script to look for this flag and ignore those VMs.

See attached patch, also available here: http://download.locatrix.com/pacemaker/shutdown.patch

cd /opt/xensource/libexec
cp shutdown shutdown.orig
patch -p1 < shutdown.patch

I was wondering if the xenserver/xcp maintainers would consider including this (or what they think about the idea)?


Andrew Eross
Locatrix Communications

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