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Re: [Xen-API] xen-api on debian not updating xenstore?

/etc/rc.local doesn't work (as stated in my previous post).
After reboot, when I do:

service xcp-squeezed status

I always obtain failed (I must do service xcp-squeezed start, and the daemon starts without problem).

The same is when I put this instruction into my own separate script, which I start-depend on all xcp daemons (xcp-xapi, xcp-squeezed, xcp-v6d xcp-fe). Whenever xenstore-write appear in boot scripts, the
xcp-squeezed fails to start (or maybe this is issue with status printing?).

W dniu 28.06.2012 22:33, George Shuklin pisze:
Well, 1st problem I do have around this is xcp is not starting properly
any way at system boot. I've still in research about reason and
solution, but for this exact case I think simplest solution is put this
line or in the /etc/init.d/xcp-xapi, or in /etc/rc.local.

But xcp-xapi start problems (which one is kinda hard to debug due
dependency based boot sequence) is more serious, I think.

On 28.06.2012 23:13, Pawel Tomulik wrote:

W dniu 11.05.2012 18:25, John Weber pisze:

Try this workaround: log into your debian dom0 and type:

$ sudo xenstore-write /local/domain/0/vm hello

When xapi adds a device it performs a sanity-check [...]


how I can "automatize" this workaround, so it works after reboot?
I've tried to put these instructions into init.d/* script and also
into rc.local but it prevents somehow xcp-squeezed from starting

PaweÅ Tomulik

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