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Re: [Xen-API] storage motion question

>> With the new storage architecture, I am wondering how xapi know if a
>> vdi is activated or not. Previously he was looking the the attached VBD,
>> but with storage motion it appears that some VDI can be activated while
>> not attached to a VM. So what is the correct way to VDI activation
>> within xapi ?
> There's a "high-level storage layer" (currently within xapi but it should be 
> moved into a separate daemon) which tracks the state of each VDI. Check out 
> this command:
> [root@st30 ~]# xe host-get-sm-diagnostics 
> uuid=846c23b0-6785-4922-bd50-9e9342e52110 
> DataPath information:
> The following SRs are attached:
>    SR 80577daf-9ea3-40de-80ef-d077e3962540
>        VDI win7sp1-x86.iso
>            activated RO (device=Some {"params": 
> "\/dev\/sm\/backend\/80577daf-9ea3-40de-80ef-d077e3962540\/1736a4e8-c55b-4846-b894-e176c6523177",
>  "xenstore_data": {"scsi\/0x12\/0x80": "AIAAEjE3MzZhNGU4LWM1NWItNDggIA==", 
> "scsi\/0x12\/0x83": 
> "vdi-uuid": "1736a4e8-c55b-4846-b894-e176c6523177"}})
>                DP: vbd/20/hdb: activated RO
>    SR bf20dbf4-2db4-4968-9d86-09aca7f8d9d4
>    SR 8a0eade3-713d-e13d-641c-8cfa5ac92094
>    SR 0e5b1dca-9fdc-c8ea-ffe7-9e02950e3804
>    SR 1244bde2-7762-c559-0a57-701128598f3e
>    SR cf0ee8a5-befb-d8d4-b0e7-614cf07f084c
>        VDI win7old.1
>            activated RW (device=Some {"params": 
> "\/dev\/xen\/blktap-2\/tapdev0", "xenstore_data": {}})
>                DP: vbd/20/hda: activated RW
> With my new experimental storage backend it also displays the .vhd 
> relationships in graphviz format, but I digress ;)

Nice! So I guess the best wayt to query the storage layer about activations 
information for a particular vdi is to use DP.stat_vdi then.

I am wondering if it makes sense to modify Xapi_vdi.check_operation_error in 
the case when a vdi has no attached pbds to ask the storage layer if the vdi is 
activated or not, and to update the allowed operations accordingly.

>> (currently, it seems that all VDI operations are allowed on disks
>> created by storage motion, while the migration is in progress,
>> including deletion which is not good)
> Hm, looking in ocaml/xapi/storage_impl.ml:
>       let destroy context ~dbg ~sr ~vdi =
>            info "VDI.destroy dbg:%s sr:%s vdi:%s" dbg sr vdi;
>            with_vdi sr vdi
>                (fun () ->
>                    remove_datapaths_andthen_nolock context ~dbg ~sr ~vdi 
> Vdi.all
>                        (fun () ->
>                            Impl.VDI.destroy context ~dbg ~sr ~vdi
>                        )
>                )
> So it's currently deactivating and detaching the disk as part of the 
> VDI.destroy. This could be changed, the only problem is that it *might* be 
> working around leaking "attaches" or "activates". Arguably we should fix 
> those resource leaks too though.

Can't we just throw an error if we try to destroy a vdi which is activated ?

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