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Re: [Xen-API] vncterm isn't created in Ubuntu 12.04 dom0

W dniu 21.06.2012 20:02, Rolu pisze:

You may be running into this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/xcp/+bug/907217

The vncterm tries to use /usr/share/qemu/keymaps but in Ubuntu this
file is found in /usr/share/qemu-linaro/keymaps instead. Make a
softlink from /usr/share/qemu-linaro to /usr/share/qemu and try again.


First thing: I have xcp-xapi 1.3.2-5 installed.
I followed the wiki guide:


including the qemu keymaps workaround. It doesn't help here.

I configured the xcp-xapi to use openvswitch, and disabled xend daemon (xend_start) and xendomains daemon as it is mentioned in wiki. Perhaps here is something wrong. Who starts the vcterm? Isn't it launched by
one of these (disabled) daemons or maybe it starts only with traditional
bridges (ifup/ifdown)?

PaweÅ Tomulik

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