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Re: [Xen-API] VCPUs-at-startup and VCPUs-max with NUMA node affinity

On 29 May 2012, at 13:00, James Bulpin wrote:

>  2. The CPU affinity is dropped allowing vCPUs to run on any node - the 
> memory is still on the original node so now we've got a poor placement for 
> vCPUs that happen to end up running on other nodes. This also leads to 
> additional interconnect traffic and possible cache line ping-pong.

Is there a memory-swap operation available to exchange pages from one NUMA 
domain for pages from another? I'm thinking of a scenario where CPU hotplugs 
have led to allocated memory being on the wrong NUMA domain entirely.  Is the 
only way for the guest to resolve this by live migrating back to localhost so 
that it goes through a suspend/resume cycle?

Right now we see performance like this all the time (on non-NUMA Xen) since 
memory is usually allocated from a single NUMA domain; e.g. on a 48-core 
Magny-cours, notice unix domain socket latency grows worse as it spreads away 
from vCPU 0 (which also happens to be on NUMA domain 0); 

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