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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Encapsulate several OCaml types within xenctrl


Rok wrote:
> I have already spoken to Dave about this change. (Adding Dave and Jon
> to To.)

Ian wrote:
> > Are you proposing this as a change for Xen 4.2? We are currently in
> > feature freeze so an argument needs to be made for an exception. Are
> the
> > xen-api developers happy with this change for 4.2?

> I see no reason not to include it immediately, since it is only a
> namespace
> and naming (albeit a backward incompatible) change, not also a semantic
> change,
> and therefore cannot introduce regressions when the client code is only
> adapted
> to use the new namespaces and names.

I think the important thing is getting the change into xen-unstable, but
I don't think it's necessary for 4.2.

If the patch isn't in 4.2 but does get into xen-unstable then the master branch
of xen-api will be updated to match xen-unstable (via Rok's pull request) and
we'll just have to add the inverse of Rok's patch into the patchqueue for the
debian xapi packages which be rebased against 4.2 (I assume). That doesn't
seem too bad.

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