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Re: [Xen-API] [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Encapsulate several OCaml types within xenctrl

Hi Ian,

> > Note that this is not a backward-compatible change. For example, code in
> xcp's
> > xen-api component needs to be modified accordingly.
> Is someone (you?) also taking care of that side of things? Do we need to
> co-ordinate applying this patch on both sides?

Yes. The code has already been written:

Internally, we'll most likely start using a slightly different (due to an extra
type that needed encapsulation: Xenctrl.runstateinfo) patch to Xen soon, 
with the changes to xen-api.

I have already spoken to Dave about this change. (Adding Dave and Jon to To.)

> Are you proposing this as a change for Xen 4.2? We are currently in
> feature freeze so an argument needs to be made for an exception. Are the
> xen-api developers happy with this change for 4.2?

I see no reason not to include it immediately, since it is only a namespace
and naming (albeit a backward incompatible) change, not also a semantic change,
and therefore cannot introduce regressions when the client code is only adapted
to use the new namespaces and names.

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