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Re: [Xen-API] How to install JUST the XenAPI Toolstack?

On 10/05/12 22:51, cyberhawk001@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
So, can anyone please tell me that if you have compiled, installed and
running the latest Xen 4.2 unstable and wanted to install the XenAPI
Toolstack by running:

apt-get install xcp-xapi
apt-get install xcp-xe

will that also try to install the Xen Hypervisor as it being a dependent
of it, OR will it know that Xen 4.2 is already installed and running and
will only install the XenAPI Toolstack?

On the http://www.xen.org/products/cloudxen.html website, it just**says
*"In a nutshell, all you will need to do get the latest version of Xen,
the XenAPI toolstack and other components delivered in XCP is to execute
"apt-get install xapi"* But of course there is no *xapi* package in
debian, and either way it will try to install Xen as well when you don't
need it if you compile and install it first.

We wrote that page before we decided on a name for the package, so it's out of date.

xcp-xapi depends on the xen-hypervisor package directly. You can just let it install that package, and then probably use dpkg -r xen-hypervisor afterwards. If that tries to remove xcp-xapi too, then you could probably just delete the /boot/xen.gz file, and install it directly from source. I'm no Debian expert, so you might want to just ask this on one of the Debian IRC channels to be sure.


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