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Re: [Xen-API] This maillist status (xen-api@)



After this change, would we take all development-related emails for xapi (and associated services) to xen-devel?





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I just talked to Mike McClurg the XCP project lead, regarding this list. So it appears that xen-api@ is already largely used for XCP user questions as well as questions on the usage of XAPI.

So I see no strong reason to not rename the list to xcp-users, or xcp_and_xapi-users or something similar. Technically this should be possible, although there will be an impact to list users in that mail filters would break. It would also drive xcp user traffic which also happens today in xen-users to this list. The Q&A system described below, would exist in parallel.

Please let me know your views. My proposal going forward is to
a) continue the informal discussion started by this thread for a little longer
b) make a proposal and then have a vote
c) implement changes, including correcting the information on the wiki and the xen site


On 06/05/2012 20:49, Lars Kurth wrote:

On 06/05/2012 09:00, William Baum wrote:

Has there been discussion of moving these projects into a real online
community with message forums and so forth?

There has been a discussion and as part of the new xen.og website there will be a stackoverflow like Q&A system. An early prototype is out there already. See http://new-www.xen.org/index.php/community/xen-questions.html

The categorization is still wrong, the webdeveloper moved a few FAQs from the xen wiki to give me a feel what this would look like : I think the categories should be

Xen / Getting Started

Questions related to getting started, such as set-up questions, etc.

Xen / Troubleshooting

Issues related to Xen

Xen / Advanced

Questions related to advanced Xen features

XCP / Getting Started

Questions related to getting started, such as set-up questions, etc.

XCP / Troubleshooting

Issues related to XCP

XCP / Advanced

Questions related to advanced XCP features


Questions and issues related to Xen ARM


Questions related to events, community, social activities, etc.

I originally was thinking of migrating the user list to a forum, but that had a lukewarm reception. Moving the developer lists to forums is rejected outright by developers.

Given that the new site should be live in 2-3 months, I am reluctant to introduce a new xcp user mailing list now : too many places for discussions fragment the community.

Renaming this list to xen-xcp may improve things a little.
We could channel user questions to a renamed xen-xcp list for the next few months until the Q&A system is in place.
Let me talk to the XCP project lead and to a few people and come up with a proposal.

Thanks for raising this



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