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Re: [Xen-API] RFC: Shuffling xen-api-libs

Another possibility is to install them in a different location - ie., ocamlfind 
install destdir=/usr/lib/ocaml/xapi - these then don't show up in 'ocamlfind 
list' unless you set OCAMLPATH env var. They might even be usable if you 
specify e.g. -package xen/stdext, though I've not tried this.

The packages can then 'graduate' to the normal place as and when they become 
useful/usable/not-embarrassing :-)


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On 28 Oct 2011, at 14:10, "'Anil Madhavapeddy'" <anil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 02:00:30PM +0100, Dave Scott wrote:
>> My local checkout shows it using xml-light2 to bridge to xmlm :/ Anyway
>> I don't know much about RSS but this one seems a little small (96 LOC in
>> my tree). Is it complete enough to use? I have no strong opinion about
>> this, except I think it would be polite to avoid claiming the name "rss"
>> in the global namespace unless it's complete enough.
>>>> sexpr
>>> Any reason not to use sexplib here instead of another hand-rolled
>>> library? sexplib is pretty battle-hardened.
>> It would be better to use sexplib, it's just a matter of time. First we
>> still have to complete the xmlm upgrade and remove xml-light2 :)
> As a very first step, how about renaming all the findlib packages to have
> 'xen-<name>' and then all of these rationalisations could be done as
> people get time.
>>>> stunnel
>>> Massively useful to have this released as a standalone library. SSL in
>>> OCaml remains a pain, and having 'one good way' to do it (e.g. use
>>> stud or stunnel?) would be handy.
>> It would be nice to have 'one good way' to do it :) Last time I looked
>> this code was in a shocking state. We will probably improve it though
>> since this one is really important for us. We might want to switch from
>> stunnel to stud though ;) Maybe it should have a slightly more generic
>> name like 'sslterminator'?
> Yeah. 
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