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Re: [Xen-API] RFC: Shuffling xen-api-libs

On 27 Oct 2011, at 23:43, Jonathan Ludlam wrote:

> cdrom

good as standalone library, no dependency on stdext. similar argument to cpuid.

> close-and-exec <-- do we still need this?
> cpuid

good as standalone library.

> forking_executioner
> log <-- should be top-level?
> netdev

seems very useful to have netdev bridge manipulation as a standalone library, 
but depends on Stringext/Forkhelpers.  Can do a separate port of this to 
FreeBSD/OpenBSD if it's all wrapped up in this library.

> pciutil

useful enough as a standalone (rename to pci_id) though?

> rss

useful as a standalone; I have some code in Mirage-www to output Atom formats 
and stuff as well and could patch that in too (if it's using xmlm, which I 
believe it is).

> sexpr

Any reason not to use sexplib here instead of another hand-rolled library? 
sexplib is pretty battle-hardened.

> stunnel

Massively useful to have this released as a standalone library. SSL in OCaml 
remains a pain, and having 'one good way' to do it (e.g. use stud or stunnel?) 
would be handy.

> tapctl
> udev
> xen-utils
> uuid
> xml-light2 <-- should die anyway

sounds like all those can be internal.

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