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Re: [Xen-API] Xen-API Kickoff Meeting


I'm looking into xen api code these days and actually
did small bugfixes mostly for xm-on-xenapi part.
Below is a 'TODO' list I personally gathered so far
from the spec, the souce code and testing.
Though I won't participate in the meeting,
I'd be glad if you find it useful for the discussion.

*** Virtual framebuffer support
    There is no way to set up vfb for pv domains.

*** PCI device passthrough support
    There is 'PCI_bus' parameter in VM class to set up
    PCI device assignment, but it doesn't work now.
    Also it would be desireble to make it possible
    that remote client retrieves physical PCI device
    information and assign one to a VM.
    (I'm now planning to develop this feature first.)

*   VM configuration
    We cannot configure 'cpus', 'boot', 'kermaps', 'usb'
    or 'usbdevice' (or maybe more parameters) through
    xen api.

*   VIF configuration
    We cannot configure 'model', 'accel', 'rate', 'ip'
    or 'script' through xen api.

There are more things that is to be completed or to be
added, of course.

Yosuke Iwamatsu
        NEC Corporation

Stephen Spector wrote:
Yes, this is an open community project and I want to invite all people
that want to assist.
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On Thu, 8 May 2008, Stephen Spector wrote:


Thanks for your feedback in setting a time for the initial Xen-API
Kickoff Meeting. The meeting will be held on Thursday May 15th at 4pm.
Dial-in information for the meeting will be:

US : 1.888.371.8921

Int'l: http://www.btconferencing.com/citrix/globalaccess/

Code: 275279

I am proposing the agenda listed below; I spoke with some people at
Citrix who previously worked on Xen-API to get some ideas of where the
code is located in the tree, etc. but I don't have 100% understanding
all the pieces and what is complete and what remains. I will be
for everyone on this email to join the discussion so that all of us
on the same page.


*         Discussion on existing Xen-API : Where, What, etc.

*         What needs to be completed?

*         Next Steps

I will also be updating the Xen.org Blog with information on this

Stephen Spector

Sr. Program Manager, Xen.org


stephen.spector@xxxxxxx <mailto:stephen.spector@xxxxxxx>

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