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[Xen-API] Xen-API Kickoff Meeting



Thanks for your feedback in setting a time for the initial Xen-API Kickoff Meeting. The meeting will be held on Thursday May 15th at 4pm. Dial-in information for the meeting will be:


US : 1.888.371.8921

Int’l: http://www.btconferencing.com/citrix/globalaccess/

Code: 275279


I am proposing the agenda listed below; I spoke with some people at Citrix who previously worked on Xen-API to get some ideas of where the code is located in the tree, etc. but I don’t have 100% understanding of all the pieces and what is complete and what remains. I will be looking for everyone on this email to join the discussion so that all of us are on the same page.



·         Discussion on existing Xen-API : Where, What, etc.

·         What needs to be completed?

·         Next Steps


I will also be updating the Xen.org Blog with information on this meeting.


Stephen Spector

Sr. Program Manager, Xen.org




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