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Re: [Xen-API] VM phase diagram

Uli Staerk wrote:
> Hi, I have some questions on the different VM states.
> 1. I tried to redraw the state diagram and adding an additional state,
> representing a VM that has been killed by the console command vm destroy.
> Is this correct? (hint: inline img following for all the text/plain
> readers ;-) )

I don't think you need such a state.  'xm destroy' is just a
hard-shutdown of the vm, analogous to pulling the power cord on a
physical system.  Notice you can go from running to halted state using
hardShutdown (xm destroy) transition.

> 2. What exactly is the Unknown state? Are there any state changes (and
> api calls) to recover an VM in the Unknown state â eg. into the halted
> state?

I haven't actually seen a vm in this state so don't know.  My guess is
you could still move the vm to other states.  At minimum it could be
deleted and created (or new'ed) again.

>  3. And what happens to a VM that gets hit by the VM.destroy? Is this
> VM completely deleted from the known space of the xend? So afterwards
> there is no way to re-create it without the config?

The vm transitions to powered off state.  It can be started again with
'xm start domname'.  It is still under control of xend.

>  4. What commands does the console command vm destroy exactly do? Does
> he destroy the machine or just put it into the halted mode?

Pulls the plug on the vm, causing it to transition to powered down state.


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