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Re: [Xen-API] Comments on VM and host classes

I also have some comments regarding the VM class.
Would it not be better to have a class TPM and a member TPMs ((TPM ref) Set) containing an array of zero or one references to TPMs? I assume that an empty array would make it clear that no TPM is associated with the VM instead of encoding its existence into TPM/instance or TPM/backend somehow. The current members instance and backend could then be moved into the TPM class.

Also a Xen system can be running an access control policy where each VM's run-time access to resources is restricted by the label it has been given compared to those of the resources. Currently a VM's configuration file may contain a line like
access_control[policy='<name of the system's policy>',label='<label given to VM>'].
I think the identifiers 'policy' and 'label' should also be part of the VM class either directly in the form 'access_control/policy' or indirectly in an access_control class.

-- Stefan

xen-api-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 06/26/2006 06:53:49 PM:

> The VM class has a boot_method field of type boot_type, which includes
> the value kernel_internal.  I'm assuming kernel_internal can be used to
> support bootloaders such as domUloader.  There doesn't appear to be a
> way to specify which disk to find the internal kernel though.  E.g. I
> give the VM multiple disks (or a single disk with multiple partitions),
> how would I indicate that the "internal" kernel can be found on /dev/hdb
> or /dev/hda2, etc?
> Should host class contain fields related to memory, e..g amount of host
> memory, amount consumed by VMs, max amount available for new VMs?
> Regards,
> Jim
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