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Re: [win-pv-devel] WinPV build fails with VS14 - Community and WDK10



  You can use VS 2013 express and WDK 8.1. These are both still available from https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/windows-driver-kit (scroll down).

  I’ve not had too much interest in moving to a newer WDK as 8.1 (AFAIK) was the last one to support building for Windows 7 (which I use a lot for my test VMs) but it probably wouldn’t take too much effort to but vs2015 subdirs in the repos and create a new set of vcxproj files.


  Your install error code appears to be ERROR_UNKNOWN_PRODUCT, which is a new one on me. Not much of anything else in the output. Do you get the same problem if you turn testsigning on? It’s possible that, because the INF is not labelled for Win 10 that it’s being refused but that’s not caused problems with Windows 10 thus far.




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first of all thanks for your great work on the win-pv driver project.


I have tried installing the xen-bus and xen-interface drivers on my windows 10 pro, 64bit, EN (Version 1511, Build 10586.494) VM. The xen-interface driver installs fine. But xen-bus fails when I run dpinst.exe (attached the install-error.txt).


Then I thought I try to compile the drivers in the VM, in the hope that the outcome would be installable.  Though the xen-project wiki states to use VS12 Pro and WDK8.0 I thought to give VS14-community and WDK10 a try, as that’s my target platform anyway.


Unfortunately the driver won’t compile easily with VS14 as you can see in build-failed.txt.


Then I tried to open the project in VS14 and retarget it, so that it would use WDK10 instead of 8.0. This sort of worked, but the build still fails as the ntddk.h header is not found (retarget-v14-build-failed.txt).


I tried to mess a little with include paths and added a path to ntddk.h from WDK10 to the project, but this resulted in further build errors, so I decided to stop this attempt.


Alternatively I will try to setup VS12 and WDK8.0, but it seems Microsoft only provides WDK10 for driver development, so how should I proceed then?

Will VS14 and WDK10 be supported by xenproject?


Best Regards,



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