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Re: [Xen-users] My GPU won't pass through.

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You could just run eclipse on the domU and tell it to use your leisure
computer as its display. No need for GPU access on the domU.

- From your desktop environment on your leisure computer, open a command
window and run

ssh domU

now you can try running eclipse and if all goes well it should open
it's windows on your leisure computer. You may want to start by trying
to run xterm to test the display use, just in case eclipse has it's
own issues.

If not, then you have some debugging to do.

Some common problems are:

1) Ubuntu does not allow network connections to your display by
default. You should be able to turn this on through whatever control
panel you have available. If not, you'll have to dig into the
configuration files of whatever display manages you're using. For
exanmple, for gdm, you set DisallowTCP=false in /etc/gdm/custom.conf
Tunneling through ssh may bypass this issue.

2) SSH may not be configured to tunnel X windows. Check if the DISPLAY
environment variable is set. If tunneling is setup it should look like
'localhost:10'. Change the option in /etc/ssh/ssd_config on the domU
and restart ssh.

On 02/06/2016 02:17 PM, Folatt wrote:
> What I want:
> A development environment where I can safely develop plugins for
> ArkOS, fix bugs in ArkOS and if necessary even develop new features
> on ArkOS. ArkOS is a child OS of Arch Linux.
> Why I want it:
> I've achieved this via Virtualbox before, but running two
> graphical OSes, made my computer slow. It's especially annoying to
> see Eclipse slow down to a crisp whenever I would scroll around.
> Sometimes the whole thing even crashed my computer.
> So I thought, why not use two computers instead? Keep leisure and
> hobby project separated and dividing the CPU/RAM workload across
> two computers.
> How I want to achieve this:
> Install Eclipse on my DomU and be able to use my home computer to 
> somehow remotely login to my DomU and use Eclipse there.
> My setup:
> Computer #1 - leisure computer OS: Ubuntu
> Computer #2 - hobby project computer Dom0    - OS:  Arch Linux L
> DomU - OS:  Arch Linux/ArkOS
> What I have achieved so far:
> I have set up a Dom0. I have set up a DomU. I can open a console to
> my DomU.
> My problem:
> - No working connection from my leisure computer to my hobby
> project, or at least, not one that shows a desktop environment. L
> In fact, I can't even start the desktop environment on my DomU
> itself, though I don't know if that's a necessity.
> On 06-02-16 17:35, Sean Greenslade wrote:
>> On February 6, 2016 10:43:27 AM EST, Folatt <folatt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>>> Okay, I'm quite at a loss here.
>>> I can run vncserver on my DomU and connect it using tightvnc,
>>> though all I get is a black screen.
>>> Is this what I'm supposed to do?
>>> Folatt
>> Why don't you back up a bit and clearly state what you're trying
>> to accomplish. There's a lot of "what I tried" here but not so
>> much of "what I'm trying to do." Both are needed to get good
>> help.
>> --Sean
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