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Re: [Xen-users] netback performance

I have seen Xen do more than 1.5GBit/s on vm-to-vm performance
within the same hypervisor.  Never tried it on a machine with
10Gbit/s hardware.  KVM is certainly capable of 10Gbit/s  wire speed
with virtio and we do it regularly, no reason I know of why Xen also
couldn't do it.


On Wed, 23 Jul 2014, Kristoffer Egefelt wrote:


Until now I was under the impression that a VM could not move more than 
~200.000pps or ~1.5Gbit on mtu 1500 on one VIF - in XENs case due to the 
netback process being single threaded.

But here they apparently get line-rate 10G on a single vif one-core VM 
(+800.000pps), using standard KVM and virtio (this is not documented in the 
post, I asked them).


This seems almost unreal to me - but maybe I’m missing something.

Is Xen currently able to do this ?

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