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[Xen-users] (no subject)

 Respected Sir/Madam,

I request you for new issue if you know. 

I am working with xen based vm migration. I would like to extract downtime and total migration time from log file and I have tried with xe(xenserver), xm(xend) and xl toolstacks but i don't know which one is used and how to get those details.

my question is: how to print total pages send, downtime and total migration time on existing xen system. 

I am eager to get response from anyone.

MinalKumar Patel(M.E. - Computer Engineering)
Lecturer,Computer Engineering Department,
A.D.Patel Institute of Technology,
New Vallabh Vidyanagar,Karamsad - 388121,
Mobile - 9998574188
E-mail Id - patel_mp@xxxxxxxxxxx
URL - http://www.minall.co.in
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