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[Xen-users] Domain not shutting down


I have a very small app that I want to isolate and so I created a
minimalistic domain using a busybox rootfs. I just give the kernel &
ramdisk option in xl.conf to boot it (no storage block device at all).

And it starts and runs fine. However I can't shut it down "properly".

xl shutdown <domain> seems to do nothing as all.

If I send a TERM to PID=1 in the domU, then it shutdown properly (it's
running busybox's init).

I was at least expecting the command to write in control/shutdown but
xenstore-ls shows it doesn't do it. If I try to manually write
"poweroff" in there, it still doesn't do anything.

What could have I missed that would prevent a proper shutdown ?



Sylvain Munaut
Whatever s.a.
Rue Fond Cattelain 5
1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert
Fixed line: +32 10 23.59.30

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