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Re: [Xen-users] OSX Install on XEN

Walter Robert Ditzler <ditwal001@xxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

This is my information stack about the situation - pls update me if i'm wrong:

1.) PV
PV is not possible as long as Apple does not implelen xens PV stack into the 
Darwin / Mac OS X kernel.

May be it is possible to do an xen "integration" like on NetBSD which is a 
"similiar" kernel, but this requires huge high skilled coders resources (if it 
is possible to get enough open source code by apples darwin kernel source 

2.) full virtualization
Might be "possible", but Mac OS X usually runs only under Mac hardware and in 
full virtualisation the hardware is fully virtual (and so it is "other" 
hardware). I'' not shure where Apple bound the hardware "key" onto - if it is a 
CPU or PCI device it might be usuable directly with passtrough.

But there are "illegal" Mac OSX images out somewhere which could be installed 
on "non apple" (but provided) hardware. Not tested that yet.

It would be nice to see some PV or similiar for Mac OSX in the next as this 
would be cool on my Mac Book Pro, but i assume this would not take place.

3.) On Mac hardware it makes only real sense to run Mac OSX under PV as the 
virtualized hardware is not so fitting with an Mac OSX running full virtualized.

This means even if you are able to run Mac OS X fully virted on a Apple machine 
you will lack more features and peformance compared to the bare metal install 
or other systems on generic hardware.

If you want to use it on generic hardware - you may give the "illegal" ways a 


Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet

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